Why Choose a Career in Real Estate?

Why Choose a Career in Real Estate?

By Maurice Humphries, President of LAH Real Estate

People join this industry for a number of reasons and the most common are probably freedom and opportunity.  “Freedom” refers to the fact that Real Estate agents are typically independent contractors.  Therefore, they work for themselves and they don’t have a “boss.”  This absence of structure is both a blessing and a curse.  It’s nice not having someone constantly looking over your work.  However, the greatest challenge is finding the self-discipline to do what’s necessary to succeed.  It takes a lot of work, it’s very competitive and there’s no regular paycheck.

What Opportunities are Ahead?

The opportunities for a hard-working independent contractor are almost limitless.  You are only limited by your ability to succeed.  In our company, about 25% of our agents will make more than $100k in any given year and a few of those have been in the business less than 5 years.  Our top producers will make well over five times that amount.  The point of sharing these numbers is to show that the opportunities are real.  Something I’ve always found fascinating is  that we’ve had top producers from many different levels of education; literally, from GED’s to law degrees.  The bottom line is that you will not be faced with many of the obstacles that can limit success in other industries.  As an old-timer once told me, “In this business, your raise will become effective when you do.”

How to Succeed in this Business

A wonderful thing about this business is that most any personality can succeed. The key is how many potential clients you can convert. Assuming you are worthy of the client’s trust, it’s just a matter of how many potential clients you can get in front of.  It can be done anywhere in your community.  You just have to find a way to present yourself to potential clients and then earn their trust.  They need to know that you will represent their interest above your own.  If you handle your clients professionally, you will earn a reputation that will serve you well throughout your career and your business should grow exponentially over time. You’ll benefit not only from the work you put in to cultivate new clients but also from past client’s referring business to you.

Your Success is Our Business

Our company understands the success of our company is determined by the success of our agents. We strive continually to maintain an office environment that is professional, comfortable, productive and fun. Like any company, we are only as good as the people who associate with us. We are always looking to grow with people who are willing to learn from us.  Our philosophy is one of hard work, strong ethics, professionalism and an absolute willingness to place the client’s interest first. If you are such a person, we’d like to talk with you.

Even a Business Needs a Home

Another advantage this company enjoys is LAH Commercial Real Estate, LLC.  LAH Commercial consists of a well-rounded group of who deal in all aspects of commercial real estate. Our commercial company has developed retail, office, residential and industrial properties. We are proficient in leasing, sales and management of all commercial property types. It is very common for a residential agent to come across a commercial opportunity while dealing with a residential client. At LAH, when those opportunities arise, we have the expertise to help.

A Career With A View

LAH also has a residential sales office on Hwy 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Folks from Alabama are second only to Atlanta in ownership of properties in Walton County, Florida.
When our agents are working with a Birmingham homeowner who is looking to buy or sell along the 30A corridor, it’s an easy referral to our 30A office. Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach, Watersound, Seacrest, Seaside, Grayton Beach to Gulf Place, all world class developments situated in a beautiful part of the world.

Why Join LAH?

At LAH, our agents are our clients and our ultimate goal is client satisfaction.  Different companies achieve that goal in different ways.  Our approach is to provide our agents with all the tools they need to represent their client in the most professional way possible.  There is always an educational component to our weekly sales meetings. Our managers conduct ongoing classes covering all aspects of the business.  Finally, we have full time, onsite tech support, an excellent marketing department, an award-winning relocation department and an outstanding team of managers.

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