Selling A Home

Selling A Home – Get Ready Tips

  1. First impressions are important! Trim your lawn, sweep sidewalks, and keep front door clean.
  2. Make it light and bright! Open curtains and clean the windows so prospective buyers can see how bright and cheerful your house is.
  3. De-clutter! Make sure stairways and corridors are clear. Clean out linen closets, clothes closets, and pantries. Pack away or donate things to make it feel more spacious and seem like you have room to grow.
  4. Bathrooms sell homes! Make bathrooms sparkle. Clean sinks and toilets. Repair any damaged or discolored caulking. Clean away rust stained sinks.
  5. Don’t be a drip! Fix leaky faucets. Dripping water suggests faulty plumbing and major repair bills.
  6. Freshen Paint! Paint is an inexpensive way to liven and brighten a room. Sometimes a room needs a fresh start.
  7. The nose knows! Try a deodorizing spray to ward away pet, kid, or cooking odors from your home.
  8. We love pets! Having pets around the house is wonderful, except when showing your home. Take your pets for a drive or a nice long walk and enjoy the time away.

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