Real estate industry in Homewood still thriving

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, life as we know it looks vastly different. Fewer cars on the roads, an absence of people gathering in restaurants and bars, and no traditional church services on Sunday. These changes have been as necessary as they are challenging, and certainly technology has been the biggest blessing in keeping us feeling connected, if only from afar.


People are safe at home and spending more time on their devices than ever before. They’re also spending more time within the confines of their four walls—noticing every little thing that drives them crazy about their house. For that reason, real estate is still booming in the area’s best neighborhoods.


According to Annalee Bright, Realtor and New Agent Director at LAH Real Estate, real estate is still very much an essential business, both in theory and in practice. “You can’t ‘shelter in place’ without a shelter, so we’ve been fortunate to continue to have a strong outpouring on serious buyers.”


LAH Real Estate has one of several offices situated in charming Homewood, a Magic City suburb that has long thrived with regard to home sales. “It’s a really special place. Homewood is a community with a small-town feel, but there’s still all of these great places to eat and shop and experience. From the proximity to the hospitals to the award-winning school system, it just ticks all the boxes.”


The proximity to the downtown hospitals, in fact, means that there are nearly 200 new residents who matched at UAB in need of homes, something that LAH Real Estate is proud to be part of.


While the global pandemic has given way to tighter precautions and advanced safety measures on home-showing, Bright maintains that there’s never been a better time to be a realtor. “Real estate has been a huge technology business for a long time. LAH has the most incredible IT staff—they implement these advanced tools that make it possible to sell homes effectively from just about anywhere,” she says.


LAH Real Estate was quick to implement adjustments to keep buyers, sellers, and their staff safe. “We’ve been using Zoom for weekly check-ins, and it’s been surprisingly easy to execute the necessary changes. We’re such a tight-knit crew, so we’ve made it a point to stay connected as much as possible virtually. The fellowship involved with the LAH crew is one of the best parts of the job, and we’ve been fortunate to have tools that allow us to work remotely,” she explains.


Virtual showings have been an integral part of LAH’s selling process all along. “Our first showings have always been online,” says Bright. “Our marketing department is top-notch—they provide professional photography for all agents and implement gorgeous virtual tours that allow for more in-depth showings of the homes.”


At a time when many businesses are mandating furloughs and layoffs, LAH Real Estate still has every member of their staff fully employed.


“The longevity of our agents is such a testament to the kind of business LAH is. Our team is remarkable. It really is like a family. We work as a team on everything we do, so I have no problem reaching out to an agent for advice,” explains Bright. “We have all the resources you would ever need to be successful, but the company still has a very small business feel with local ownership. You always have someone looking out for you.”


Now more than ever, people are eager to buy and sell their homes. Not only is spring the prime time for the real estate market, but sheltering in place has forced many individuals to examine their living situation more closely, often determining that more space is needed or that it’s time to downsize. If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a real estate agent with LAH, there’s no time like the present.


“As LAH’s New Agent Director, my job is to make sure that each of our new team members has everything they need to have a successful career. I guide them through the beginning stages and work to train them on everything from daily processes to providing insight for how to read people,” says Bright. “I’m proud to say that our agents are the most well-trained in the business, and that there’s no better family environment out there. If you have a thirst for knowledge, you’re self-motivated, and you’re dedicated, you will succeed here.”


LAH Real Estate is proud to serve the Homewood, Mountain Brook, Hoover, and 30A communities, with a new office coming soon to Crestline. To join LAH Real Estate’s family of dedicated local agents, please click here or call 1.800.545.6178 today.

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