Agent Spotlight Roy Hockman

Roy Hockman, an agent with LAH Commercial Real Estate, pictured with his wife, Paige.Roy Hockman is not new to the ins and outs of commercial real estate. Although he has only been with LAH Commercial Real Estate for roughly a year, his past restaurant endeavors have given him unique expertise in helping his clients. Throughout Roy’s restaurant endeavors in Alabama and the Florida panhandle, he has walked the walk and talked the talk in negotiating multiple, personal, commercial real estate deals. His experiences uniquely qualify him to empathize and understand each party’s position giving him a sense of fairness and insight.

Roy believes the hallmark in serving his clients, whether buyer, seller, lessee, or lessor, is establishing a personal relationship. As an agent, he strives to be attentive to his clients’ needs and have regular and reliable follow-ups. When Roy isn’t meeting with his client, he is turning to his fellow LAH agents to learn and advance his real estate skills. Commercial Broker Austin Blair continues to be an inspiration and instrument in Roy’s day-to-day execution.

Roy Hockman, with LAH Commercial Real Estate, loves his two Havanese dogs.When he isn’t in the office, you can find Roy enjoying sports, particularly golf, and checking off items on his abundant Honey-Do list. His greatest pleasures revolve around his family. Roy is married to the former Paige Plunkett from metro Arab. They attend Grace Methodist Church and enjoy volunteering in the Special Needs community and other avenues of their church. Roy also has a daughter and granddaughter in California and a son and grandson residing in the Tampa area. Additionally, he has two “bonus” sons, one who is married with a daughter on the way. Finally, Roy has two Havanese pups named Livvy and Taz. He truly enjoys spending every chance he can get with his tight-knit family!

The LAH family is proud to have Roy Hockman as a part of LAH Commercial!

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