Agent Spotlight Rachel Jennings Nichols

Rachel Jennings Nichols has been a part of LAH Commercial Real Estate since August 2017. Before joining LAH, Rachel spent seven years as the Outreach Coordinator for the Alabama Center of Real Estate at The University of Alabama. While there, she gained insight into both commercial and residential real estate on a statewide level. All of that eventually inspired her to take the leap of faith and dive headfirst into CRE.

For Rachel, LAH Commercial Real Estate was the only option for her, as she’s spent so much time working alongside one of LAH’s cofounders, Jim Lawrence, during his time at ACRE. She knew Jim’s involvement with LAH meant that she shared the same values of integrity, loyalty, professionalism, and philanthropy as the company.

Rachel sets herself apart by her commitment to her continued education. In 2022, she earned her CCIM designation, which is colloquially known as the “Masters in Commercial Real Estate.” This training encompasses 150 classroom hours in courses of financial analysis, market analysis, user decision analysis and investment analysis, culminating in a comprehensive exam. Only 10% of CRE professionals have earned the CCIM designation, and only 13% of CCIM earners worldwide are female.

Communication is key for Rachel. She always lets the client take the lead in a sale, and she tries to be the most accommodating she can be. After every transaction is complete, Rachel stays involved with the businesses as they grow. She’s part of a networking group that meets weekly to discuss their business, which provides her a referral network of 25 people in different industries to better equip her to help clients with any needs.

When she’s not working, Rachel can most often be found reading, and spending time with her family. LAH Commercial Real Estate is proud to have Rachel Jennings Nichols as part of the team!

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