Agent Spotlight Michael Thomason
Listening to Michael talk you’d never know that he was a top producer at LAH Real Estate.  Not only is he extremely humble, he’s only been in the real estate business since 2015.  A close friend of Billy and Danielle Wade, his decision to join LAH Real Estate after transitioning from the financial industry to real estate was an easy one.

Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Michael grew up in McCalla, graduated from  McAdory High School, earned his BS in Human Resource Management from Birmingham Southern College then while working full time obtained his Masters in Business Administration from Troy University.

Michael entered the financial industry and excelled. From collections to lending, portfolio management to project management and being selected for Top Talent.  The last few years of Michael’s time in banking caused him to be away from home a lot, thus helping him to make the decision to leave banking and jump into real estate. He and his wife Dee have four children, three boys and a daughter lovingly nicknamed “Sister”.  They range in age from (13) to (6), Sister being the youngest.  Michael has many stories about his children and it’s quite obvious Sister runs the roost!

Success in real estate has come from hard work, fostering and building relationships, creating deals, and not sleeping.  Michael’s mind is always in overdrive.  Michael truly loves helping his clients. Comfortable supporting others and making sure everyone succeeds, his true passions lie in children’s charities.  As a board member helping fellow agent Zach White with Wish2Enrich provided scholarships for enrichment programs, Iron Kids Ministries provided enrichment programs for children in low income and low impact schools.  He is wired to give back.  From being a great father to running in marathons to support the American Cancer Society and the American Diabetes Association, he is a true blessing.

LAH Real Estate is a better company because of Michael Thomason.  His gifts and strengths are magnified in his real estate success.  Meeting and exceeding his yearly goals are a by-product of his ability to pour himself into his clients and their real estate needs.  When and if he ever decides to retire, he says he will work full time for the charities near and dear to his heart.  LAH Real Estate is a better company because of Michael Thomason.

We love Michael Thomason, LAH Homewood.

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