Agent Spotlight Melinda Scott

Melinda Scott is one of LAH’s newest agents, having just joined the Hoover office in July of 2022. She’s had a passion for real estate ever since she was a child, back when she would help her parents prepare their small rental property for new occupants. She first got licensed after she bought and sold a home for profit in her twenties.

She started her practice in Mobile before she decided to move up to Birmingham for a new line of work and to start a family. However, Melinda’s passion for real estate never waned, so she waited for the right time to jump back in.

What sets Melinda apart as a Realtor is her background in organizational communication. She’s trained in presenting convincing arguments, organizational models, and interpersonal communication, which helps her manage all the moving parts required in a real estate transaction.

She’s very people oriented and strives to guide her clients honestly and thoroughly in their home buying journey. Her work experience involves heavy data analysis, so she pays close attention to even small shifts in the housing market.

When she’s not working, Melinda loves continuing her education by listening to podcasts, following other successful realtors on social media, and asking as many questions as she can. She loves spending time with her husband and three children, especially with their scouting troops. She also volunteers at her children’s school as much as possible.

LAH Real Estate is proud to have Melinda Scott at our Hoover office!



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