Agent Spotlight Mary Ruth Thomas and Kathy Byrd Team

They were neighbors first. Kathy and her husband Beau moved their family to the bottom of the hill in 2014. Mary Ruth and her husband lived on the corner at the top of the hill in her childhood home. They would chat when Kathy walked her basset hounds up the hill and ran into Mary Ruth working in her yard.

Then they were fellow agents. Mary Ruth had been with LAH since it began. Kathy got her license in 2017 when she retired from teaching and came to work for LAH. As Kathy was learning the business, Mary Ruth was a great resource for her when she needed advice.

Next, they became partners. When Mary Ruth had knee replacement surgery, they teamed up. As is frequently the case in real estate, that turned out to be a very busy time for Mary Ruth and her clients. Kathy stepped in and took care of business while Mary Ruth took care of herself. The partnership has been going strong ever since. Living so close to each other makes the team even more effective. The driveways and kitchen islands are frequent “office spaces” as the two work with their clients.

Mary Ruth and Kathy tell their clients they are getting “two for the price of one,” and that is a pretty good deal for anyone buying or selling these days! Their clients cover a wide age spectrum, from first-time homebuyers to retired downsizers—and everything in between. They also share a healthy blend of strengths. Kathy is good with technology and social media, and Mary Ruth can relate to and comfort clients who are making difficult decisions for themselves or older family members. Both former teachers, the duo can clearly explain the process to first-time buyers, answer any questions, and help them navigate through the transaction.

Mary Ruth and Kathy love helping their clients through the buying and selling process – while taking the stress off them. Family is very important to both agents, and they enjoy developing strong relationships with their clients. Everyone becomes part of the family when the deal is done! They have become one of LAH’s most successful teams, and we are so blessed to have them as part of our LAH family!

We love Mary Ruth Thomas and Kathy Byrd – LAH Mountain Brook.

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