Agent Spotlight Leesa Warren

A Birmingham native, Leesa graduated from Vestavia Hills High School before graduating from Auburn University in 1985. She married her husband Johnny the next year and bought their first house in Homewood one year later in 1987.

Leesa taught 5th grade at Vestavia until she had her first child. She now has two grown children, Spencer and Danielle. They both moved to Austin, Texas, seven years ago to begin investing in real estate.

Since she was little, Leesa has had an interest in real estate. She watched her great grandfather build Birmingham’s Eastwood Mall, Mountain Brook’s Office Park, and other real estate endeavors throughout the community. Since then, she’s loved watching areas grow and seeing people invest in real estate.

Leesa has been working at LAH’s Homewood Office since she first got her license in 2016. Her goal when selling a house is to have the buyers love their new home, and the sellers make a profit. On her business cards, she has a mantra penned by her father: “The best investment on earth is earth!”

One interesting thing about Leesa is her promise to buyers: if they’re not happy with their purchase after one year, she will buy it back for what they are buying it for. She prides herself on trying not to sell a house to anyone she wouldn’t buy for herself.

In her spare time, Leesa loves live music, and enjoys all types of sports. Some recent highlights include going to her first NASCAR race last year and getting the chance to take her son to the Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles.

The LAH Family is proud to have Leesa Warren as part of their Homewood Office!

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