Agent Spotlight Frankie Rivera

Frankie Rivera is a new agent who has already made a big mark. She has been with LAH Sotheby’s International Realty since February after deciding that because of her love of helping and building relationships with people made her perfect for real estate. She loves getting to see unique and beautifully designed properties to find the perfect owner.

Frankie’s key to success is the empathy and understanding she displays towards her clients. She prefers to put herself in her clients’ shoes. In doing this, she decides what advice she would need to hear if she were buying or selling in order to determine the best possible outcome for her client. She would never want to advise someone to make a decision that she personally would not make for herself.

Viewing that taking time to create intentional relationships with people is what sets her apart as a realtor. She sees it necessary to not view her client as someone who is temporary, but rather someone is a long term commitment. She believes that taking the time to understand their personalities and interests is paramount and she genuinely enjoys building relationships with others that will go further than just real estate.

When she started out, Frankie was able to get several different types of training and mentorships to help her stand out. She thinks that every day brings a new learning curve, and no day is the same is the last. She knows that she can always learn something in and taking advantage of each day is the best way to become successful.

Outside of work, Frankie loves to play golf, where she’s actually met most of her clients. She has also recently gotten into pickleball, and is involved in a charity called Curt’s Closet.  She loves spending time with her family, who all live in the Birmingham area, and her Siberian Husky, Zeke.

LAH Sotheby’s International Realty is proud to have Frankie Rivera at our Mountain Brook office!

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