Agent Spotlight David Key

When David met Charley Criswell, manager of LAH at the Beach, in November of 2019 it was a done deal.  David’s love of life and his innate ability to listen and take care of people and his clients made him a perfect fit for our beach office.


David’s motto is, “life’s a beach when you refuse to leave and decide to make it your home”.  He and his family are blessed with the opportunity to live on the Emerald Coast.  His wife Lindsay and their two children, Nova and Ezra, love taking full advantage of living at the beach.  They all are so fond of the area.  Breath taking sunsets, pick up beach volleyball games, and biking through the state forest trails with all of Florida’s natural beauty are everyday affairs.  This may sound like a dream vacation sales pitch, but it is the everyday reality of the beautiful life he and his family are so blessed to live.


As a husband, father, and Realtor, David is about living, loving, and enjoying  the collective company of his good-hearted community.   It’s rewarding for David to share these beautiful moments with clients while they search for their own slice of home and heaven all under one umbrella.


David is a perfect example of someone who has it all; a beautiful family, a profession he loves in a place he loves with a company who loves him right back!


We love David Key!


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