Agent Spotlight David Ellis

David Ellis is no newbie when it comes to the real estate industry. He has worked around the edges of real estate since 2013 when he became a part-owner and property manager in a small(ish) apartment complex. After a few years, David sold his interest in the complex and started working at a law firm, mainly handling property management-type duties for clients. This job largely included getting properties ready to sell. Through this experience, David received an inside look at the transaction process from start to finish. He realized he enjoyed the challenge of putting all the puzzle pieces together and knowing that his work had a direct, positive impact on the clients’ lives. In March 2021, the stars aligned and David seized his opportunity to launch a meaningful and rewarding career in real estate.

David Ellis, pictured with his family, joined the LAH Real Estate family in March 2021.

With David’s unique background, he brings a deep understanding of the legal aspects of the industry. While he is still learning the ins and outs, he will honor his clients, serve them with the Golden Rule in mind, and hope that everyone walks away from the closing table happy. David believes every day is a new learning experience; that every point of contact with buyers/sellers/potentials and every property offers a new challenge and opportunity to learn. While he doesn’t consider himself an expert quite yet, he is effective at everything he does and continuously looks to the awesome people at the LAH Hoover office as friends and teachers, whether they like it or not!

David Ellis, a REALTOR with LAH Real Estate's Hoover office, loves going on adventures in his free time.
When he isn’t busy at the office, David is spending time with his two beautiful girls, ages 8 and 7, and his wife, Margaret. He truly believes the four of them are meant to travel through life’s ups and downs together. They love getting outdoors, going hiking and safe-for-kids rock climbing. David and one of his daughters are even learning the piano together. Additionally, he used to play guitar in a garage-type band, and every so often, David gets to pretend to be 22 again and rock out with the guys. David believes in bringing positivity to every interaction and lifting people up, as Jesus wants, throughout the day in his communities.

The LAH family is proud to have David Ellis as a part of the Hoover office!

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