Agent Spotlight Dana Ellison

Spunky, energetic, and stubborn describes our agent spotlighted this week, Dana Ellison.  Coming from humble beginnings taught her long ago that determination and hard work would not only produce success but also propel her into being a six year breast cancer survivor.


This is Dana Ellison’s story:

In May of 2010 Dana got her real estate license on the encouragement of her husband of fifteen years, Bill Ellison, Commercial developer.  He wanted her to know license law, wanted her to know the business.


LAH Real Estate’s Jane Schmalz recruited her and after speaking with Jim Lawrence on a Monday she was ready to sell real estate with us on Wednesday.  Her business has grown steadily over the past ten years.  Dana’s clients are located not only in Pell City where she lives but all over the Birmingham metro area.


A shining light and impactful advocate of children, animals, and the entire Pell City community she has accepted and conquered many callings.  Buying Christmas gifts for needy families, loving and caring for a sweet baby with spina bifida every chance she gets, sitting on the board of the ASCPI and the St. Clair Association of Realtors for several years, and partnering on the Clean Up Task Force for Pell City Initiative are a few examples.


Her latest mission is Resale to the Rescue-Pell City.   The resale shop takes in gently used items and gives 100% of the proceeds to the welfare of animals.   After navigating the risks associated with the pandemic, they were able to open a month ago.  This concept haunted Dana after visiting a similar shop in New Orleans during Thanksgiving last year.  She presented the idea to the ASCPI board in Pell City and everyone approved.  Being all volunteer based, everyone is anxious to participate with her in providing and generating funds for needy families for the spay/neutering of their animals as well as providing transport services for adoptable animals nationwide.


Dana is a true warrior.  Her ability to go above and beyond is reflected in her thriving real estate business.  Being the energizer bunny, as Bill calls her, enables her to get everything done!  Her efforts are far more concentrated on community service than commercial success.


LAH Real Estate became a better company on May 11, 2010 when Dana agreed to become part of our LAH family.  She makes us better every day.  If you’re in Pell City please bring your or your client’s gently used items to donate to ASPCI-Resale to the Rescue located at 20 Cropwell Drive, Suite 120, Pell City, Al 35128 or for donations please call (205) 369-1413.

We love Dana Ellison, LAH Mountain Brook

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