Agent Spotlight Anne Heppenstall

It’s no coincidence that Anne became a Realtor.  It’s in her blood.  Her Great Grandfather, Grandfather, and Great uncle, Robert Jemison, Jr. were all Commercial Real Estate pioneers in Birmingham.  When she was 8 years old, she would scour the classified ads in the Sunday paper reading about properties, animals, and other things for sale.  She found her first pony in the classifieds and loved reading about real estate and farms for sale.


A native of Mountain Brook, Anne attended Mt. Vernon College in Washington D.C. where she learned, in her formative years, that women were able to achieve anything.  After graduation, she went to work for the U.S. Senate as an Administrative Assistant.  She worked for Alabama US Senator, Jeremiah Denton, Jr.  She met her husband in Washington D.C., married, and moved back to Birmingham where they started their family.


While raising her children, volunteering and horses became her passions.  She serves and has served on many boards which involve building relationships, helping others and providing outreach to the community.  Anne pours herself into her missions.  As a member of the Marketing Committee on the Vulcan Park and Museum Board, her vision is to create a Birmingham Museum of History at Vulcan Park to share the grit and success that is the story of Birmingham.


Family and friends share her love of horses and with this comes learning about farmland, crops, barns, stables, and what’s involved with owning horses and maintaining acreage.  As she researched properties, obtaining her real estate license became her goal.  On October 31, 2017, Anne obtained her real estate license and joined LAH.  It was a perfect fit.  She had known Jimbo Moore, Broker of LAH Mountain Brook, and had Realtor friends in that office who added support and camaraderie.


Anne’s business has thrived during this challenging period.  Her determination, preservation, and a love of people have served her well.  Anne is poised to make a mark in her own history in the real estate industry in Birmingham.  Our LAH family loves Anne Heppenstall.


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