3 Reasons Owning a Beach Property is a Great Investment
Who doesn’t love a week at the beach? Sand in your toes, sun on your skin, a cool drink in your hand. It is really hard to beat! Wouldn’t it be great if, after a long and stressful work week, you could spontaneously decide, “Hey, I need a vacation!” and then in just a few short hours, your dreams are your reality? That is the beauty of living in Alabama and owning a beach property.

Alabama is just far enough away to avoid the touristy seasons of Florida, yet just close enough for a weekend getaway or a full blown vacation. Most Alabama residents find themselves visiting the Florida gulf more than a few times each year – so why not invest in a property? If finances are available, a beach property is an excellent investment!

The reasons are threefold:

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#1: Convenience

If your family goes to the beach enough, it’s so much more convenient to have a place you can call your own while you are there. This not only frees you of the responsibility of booking a condo or rental, but you can also avoid packing by stocking your beach home with some of your favorite summer clothes, toiletries, and more. Just get in the car and cruise down to Florida on a whim! Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

#2: Money

Owning a second home, specifically a vacation property, is a great asset to have. On one hand, you could choose to use your home as a source of extra income by renting it out during the most popular months. During peak seasons, you can book a home for one week at around the cost of your monthly mortgage! Additionally, depending on how often you choose to rent, you may be able to deduct all rental operating expenses on your taxes. Don’t want to rent? The interest rates on your mortgage and property taxes are fully deductible!

#3: Resale

Most assets fluctuate in value – but rental properties tend to stay the same. Why? They are in popular areas where people love to travel! In fact, in a lot of cases, beach properties appreciate faster than non-rental properties. This could leave you with a profit upon resale. In fact, if you are looking for a fixer-upper property sure to reel in some cash, beach properties are a great place to start!

Find Your Beach Property with LAH Real Estate

If you live in Alabama and are looking for a vacation home in Florida, LAH Real Estate is the perfect fit for you. With three offices in the greater Birmingham area and one in Santa Rosa, Florida, we can be of great assistance! Contact us today to begin the search for your home away from home on the Santa Rosa beaches (known for their breathtaking white sands). We can’t wait to show you around!

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